This website is the home for information on the award-winning Burnt Mountain series and other publications. It is also where I am blogging on various topics including indie publishing. I’m also adding pieces about the books themselves and some of the writing process I went through to get them to completion.

Regarding the Burnt Mountain Series, they are PG to PG-13. There are no sex scenes. Swearing, the worse you will see is crap and hell. No F bombs. There is some violence, but it is no worse than what you’d see on a movie like Marvel’s The Avengers. The violence is the only thing that might bump these stories to a PG-13 rank. If you’d let your loved one watch The Avengers, then this book will be fine for that family member to read. As for age range for readership, I wrote the series for my nieces and nephews for when they turned tween-early teen years; however, I have a following of readers in age from around 9 yrs (young, but advanced readers) and up to ages well into adulthood.

You can also visit the facebook account for the Burnt Mountain series and get updates on other shenanigans I’m up to here.

Burnt Mountain Rhyllia was awarded Winner in the Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival 2016.

Burnt Mountain Do and Die was awarded an Honorable Mention for Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival 2014.

Burnt Mountain One in the Chamber was awarded an Honorable Mention for Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival 2013.

NEBF.Digital.BadgeHM.20132014 Book Festival Plaque

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  1. Ellen Collins

    I read Burnt Mountain Monster Within this was an wonderful, exciting book The Chapters are short which is good. .There are surprising twists and turns that you don’t expect. Once you start reading you can’t put the book down. The end of the book is a great lead in to the second book and I can’t wait to read it..
    Great Job Cheryl.


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