Book Review – The Art of Possibility


I struggle with frustration. Unchecked frustration for me turns to anger. It’s how I operate and how I am wired. But what if I can modify that circuit? Are we really as hard wired as we think we are in our behavior and actions?

My life coach, Chris Dewey, recommended this book to me. The transforming this book discusses centers on looking at things in a different way. When something goes wrong, what if you looked at it with a completely different perspective? Thing A didn’t go wrong, but it instead offered a new possibility or alternative outcome. I’m not saying it’s only a feel good book of all things work out for the good in the end or any of that crap, but it’s more about changing how you think about things regardless of what you’ve been taught, learned, or picked up from some of our whacked out cultural rules.

This book had some good information in it. I ultimately grew annoyed with the plethora of analogies and stories from the authors’s real life experiences or parables, but some were good. Personally I’ve gotten way more insight and transformation from working with my coach, but this book would have been a good place for me to start if I didn’t already have the coach in the mix.

“What the heck is a life coach?” you ask. Check out the link above for Chris and see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Art of Possibility

  1. Joel D Canfield

    That would be brilliant conductor and musicologist Benjamin Zander? Interesting.

    Most people skip over the teaching to read the anecdotes. You are, as usual, crossing the grain. But you’ve gotten the point: seeing other possible “truths” in things that happen, other outcomes or possibilities than the usual negative knee jerk, is the best way to rewire your brain.

    1. Cheryl C Post author

      Yep. Same guy and his wife, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, some sort of -ist.

      I have used the excuse that I am hard wired for years. A lot of the stuff I do is learned. But even if certain things are hard wired, let’s say I’m naturally one with a temper, I can still learn other ways to control or at least modify/redirect it.

      I often hear the “you can’t change people” or “people don’t change” hooey. Maybe I can’t change someone else (not sure I’d want to), but I can change myself. I don’t think this book can make it happen, but it can put folks who really want to effect change in their lives on the right path. I had the coach guiding me through making changes, so I didn’t get as much out of the book. Over the course of two years with the coach though, it’s been a phenomenal experience and a wonderful and welcomed transition. Change certainly doesn’t happen overnight.


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