Campbells and Locusts


Though two weeks have passed since the last post, it sure feels a lot longer. Getting clobbered at work with long work days will do that. Last weekend was mostly a blur since I spent two of the three days trying to physically and mentally recover from working a week in the gut of Washington D.C. The hours to prep and put on a multi-hour electronic medical record system demo for a large DC hospital was quite the rodeo, and it went well with good participation and feedback. So after all that, I needed a couple of days to recoup. By last Sunday I was back at the keyboard and banged out a good six hours of writing.

This weekend I’m starting things off getting the truck worked on. Rocks in windshields, bad. Funky noises from the engine, bad. Time sitting in waiting areas with my laptop, pure freakin writing gold.

Next weekend is the annual Campbell family reunion in the deep south. Many from our clan will descend on poor, unsuspecting Picayune, MS and gather. And like locusts we will devour much in the way of southern vittles. There will be few dishes, pots, or pans with anything left in them after the big reunion lunch. We’ll also be celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary complete with tartans and kilts. It’s going to be a blast.

So with that, I’ll vanish for another couple of weeks. Facebook locked down my book account citing a potentially compromised/hacked site which I highly doubt. So in between other things and as time permits  (you can tell I’m really stressed about this) I’m working on getting that resolved. Personally I’m more interested in rushing to get to next weekend to see the fam. 🙂


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